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Through the days of constant struggle with that dangerous illnesses, our aunt Thinh, our dear friend, member of our large family, our association "Vietnam the Dioxin Children", aunt Thinh is now gone.
Ms Ta Thi Thinh's funeral was held at 9h15 'on May 22, 2019, at the funeral home of Thanh Nhan Hospital, then was taken to the Thanh Tri crématorium, in the presence of family, friends, colleagues, members of VNED in Hanoi, and representatives of local agencies serving dioxin victims, who have known Ms. Thinh for many years.
Ms Ta Thi Thinh was born on August 12, 1942, originally from Ninh Binh province. After graduating at the Trung Vuong High School, she was sent to the Soviet Union to study at Moscow University of Culture, where she was graduated with a Honourable Mention. In 1966, she returned to Vietnam and works at the National Library of Science and Technology as the Head of the Book management Bureau, and has been with this place for more than 32 years, until her retirement.
Beside she was a visiting lecturer at many universities in the country and was loved and respected by many generations of students.
Since retirement, she gets involved in the Association "Vietnam les Enfants de la Dioxine - VNED" (Vietnam the Dioxin Children) a french NGO helping Agent Orange victims, since the beginning, until her last breath. Among us, all those who have met, and worked with Aunt Thinh, surely will not forget the image of her, a small woman but full of bravery, dignity, independence, witty optimistic, always living and working with enthusiasm
Ms Thinh is fluent in French and Russian, living with a rich poetic soul.
We not only lose a loved one, a loving friend, but also a model with a golden heart, full of faith and hope for the good in this life.
Nearly 20 years of VNED activities, she has never been afraid of long buses trips across villages, provinces and northern cities to visit families of Agent Orange victims.
I still remember when visiting the families in Bac Ninh province, people are looking to hear from her, and ask me to bring her some presents, black beans, squash fruit ..., and recommend me to tell her "this is a little home-grown gift", without that she never accept.
These last time when lying on a hospital bed, her eyes never stopped shining, she said once, "Waiting for hope!", she made me feel her optimistic spirit and energy spread throughout the space.
She never retreat from difficulties and her belief in life is the most wonderful thing we will never forget.
Aunt, your image will always accompany us in our activities for VNED and will remain in our hearts. Rest and watch from there, will you!

"Living in life, you need a heart. For what, do you know sweat heart? For let it gone with the wind…." (In Trinh Cong Son's song)

Nguyen Minh Hanh
(The VNED-Hanoi Team)


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